Uniting the Power of Abstract Painting


Since our company appointed a new manager, I believe that my dream of promotion will no longer be possible. I don’t know why he didn’t approve of me in the first place.

Of course as far as work is concerned, he cannot blame me.

However, we struggled to find common ground, and after a few months he started, I pretty much brushed off the chance to get ahead at the company. Thank goodness I didn’t do anything rash because anyone would think that we will eventually find common interests, and not even about work, but? Paint.

As soon as my boss started working for the company, major repairs were made to the building. Our offices are changing before our eyes. Old wallpaper and crumbling paint are replaced by modern interiors; our entire office looks very stylish and classy. That said, there are still less paintings on the walls to give our eyes a welcome break from staring at computer screens all day long. Unfortunately, the old life I still hang on my walls doesn’t really fit into the general atmosphere of the contemporary style, so some people advised me to go and look for some abstract paintings, as they go really well with any interior. I took a short course on abstract art which helped select abstract artwork for our office.

One sunny morning my manager came to my desk. When he saw the paintings he stood looking at them for centuries and finally said: – What’s in this painting ??

  • It’s a bird, I said. – Symbol of freedom, happiness and inner freedom.
  • Is that so? He exclaimed. – And how about this one?

Now, one thing leads to another and we find ourselves sitting in the cafeteria, discussing the benefits of abstract painting. It has become clear that my manager has for some time considered which painting will complement his house, but has not yet been able to decide.

Why don’t you try some abstraction painting ??

I say. These extraordinary works of art will be harmoniously woven into almost any style in your home. You look like a modern man and I hope you follow contemporary fashions. An abstract canvas would be perfect for you.

  • Doesn’t that confuse guests though? He asked me worriedly.
  • No, of course not! I answered it. – On the contrary, in fact, abstractionism is attractive because of its multifaceted style and symbolism; Your guests will be totally blown away by what the painting has to say. Similar to how you express your interest in artwork in our office.

During one lunch break, I managed to give my boss a comprehensive look at the harmony of abstraction painting at home. I told him about some of the colors and how abstract art can be the focal point and draw of a room in soft tones. We talk about symbolism and discuss the benefits of art-therapy in which abstract art plays a very important role. I emphasize the fact that abstract canvases can add to a contemporary residence. To refresh her soul and heart, I advised my boss to order any photo painting and emphasized that the harmony will perfectly complement contemporary-style living.

I could even say that we’ve been friends since the conversation about art ?. Right after a few days I found a note on my desk .. That’s a letter for promotion!